About Best Predator Call South Africa


Best Predator Call South Africa is part of BestFoxCall Ltd. (Based in the UK, BestFoxCall was set up by hunters in 2010 expanding into Australia in 2013. Following the success of BestFoxCall (www.bestfoxcall.co.uk) in the UK and BestFoxWhistle (www.bestfoxwhistle.com) in Australia we just had to make our tried and tested range of products available to the hunting community in South Africa.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new, innovative products that make the life of a predator hunter easier. Whether that’s a mouth call, remote caller – or one of the many hunting accessories we sell across the globe. When we find one we particularly like we test it out in the field and with customers and only when we are really happy it does the job, do we add it to our product range. That means all our products have one thing in common – If we don’t use it, we don’t sell it.

With many of the products we will only sell the one brand – as you see with the ICOtecs. Once we decide which is the best one in that category then we are fully behind that product so that we can learn everything there is to know about it and, particularly how it works so we can give you good advice and the best customer service, whatever your needs.


BestFoxCall Limited is based in Herefordshire in the UK, with agents in Australia and now South Africa and trade partners across Europe and into Scandinavia. All South African and surrounding Countries’ orders are shipped from within South Africa to ensure you get the excellent service we want to provide.

The Best Predator Call Team

Global HQ – based in the UK, BestFoxCall Ltd is the heart of operations but that doesn’t mean we don’t offer the same level of service worldwide. Whether you’re in England, Australia, Scandinavia or South Africa – we have everything in place to ensure you get the best service.

Dave D – Frequently travelling between the UK and South Africa, Dave joins Best Predator Call SA and brings his knowledge of South Africa to the party.

Durban Office – based to the south of Durban, our SA office is where it all happens… Your orders will be shipped direct from here to ensure they get to you a reliable and timely fashion. All warranty and support work is carried out here so you’ll never be lumbered with overseas postage fees should you find yourself needing to return a product for repair.

Team BPC – as users of the BPC product range, Team BPC is a bunch of enthusiastic, prolific South Africa based hunters who are committed to telling it how it is. We don’t recruit “Yes Men” – these guys will not sing the praises of a product if they don’t use it themselves. Remember – if we don’t use it, we don’t sell it.

If you’re a BPC Customer and would like to share your love of our products, then get in touch – we’re always looking for new members for Team BPC


Service & Backup

Wherever you are in the world, we are committed to offering the best customer service. We all know that things go wrong – and when dealing with electronics – especially in the environments we all hunt – then things do go wrong. So we know that service and backup is important to you. We’re here to help! As an Authorised Sales and Service Company for ICOtec, you can be sure you’ll get service second to none!

Tried and Tested
As we always say “If we don’t use it, we don’t sell it”. Sounds simple – it is… If we try a product and we don’t think it performs, we just won’t sell it. Being able to stand by our products means you’re going to get a product that works – and we don’t have to worry!