BestPredatorCall Three Call Set

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The Best Predator Call SS

A devastating caller that any predator hunter shouldn’t be without.

As an experienced hunter you already know that rabbit, hare and small rodent distress calls are one of the most effective ways of attracting predators such as jackals and caracals within range.

But what you won’t know is that BestPredatorCall SS is probably one of the most innovative and efficient mouth callers on the market today.

Tried and Tested…
Based on a design that has been used by thousands of shooters, the BestPredatorCall SS has been developed by predator hunters – for predator hunters, wherever you are in the world.

Mimicking the distress cries of a wounded or dying rodent, the SS is not only great for calling predators from long range in the open countryside it can also be used for the quieter, close-up work.

In fact, mouth-blown rabbit distress calls are probably accountable for more predators than any other type of caller – and The BestPredatorCall SS is surely the best of its type on the market today.

Why is the SS so effective..?

Many calls mimic the sound of a distressed animal – often creating a squealing noise. The SS is far more raspy and replicates the sound a rabbit makes when it is actually being attacked. This not only lets a predator know there is a potential meal on offer – but it also triggers a territorial response as there’s clearly another predator on its patch. The Best Predator Call has accounted for countless foxes in both the UK and Australia – and many other predators across the world.

The Best Predator Call Original

If you want to get the attention of a predator, then try this call.

A tried and tested caller that has accounted for thousands of foxes and other predators worldwide…

You’ve probably tried many different types of calls in the past – with a varying degree of success. The Best Predator Call Original offers you a lightweight, versatile call that can be “blown” hands free and can produce a wide range of sounds at low and high volumes. Unlike some calls that require hours of practice, the original BestFoxCall is extremely simple to use and you’ll be calling in foxes quicker than you might think.

There are many benefits of the Best Predator Call Original, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof, hardwearing and tough
  • Versatile – high / low volume – high / low pitch
  • Affordable
  • Deadly effective
  • Hands-free operation

The Best Predator Call Original has been designed to be tough, lightweight, reliable and above all easy to use. It’s particularly good at the quieter, close-up work.

The Best Predator Call Faulhaber

A deceptive little call that’s devastating when calling over cut grass or stubble fields.

Designed to replicate to soft shrill squeaks of a mouse or rat, this caller is perfect for that time when predators are mousing.

Made by the Austrian company Faulhaber, the Faulhaber Hen Call is designed to mimic the sound of a Hazel Grouse Hen. As well as doing that, it is superb for producing a consistent, high frequency rodent distress call

Another one we’ve Tried and Tested…

The Faulhaber Hen Call is the perfect compliment to either your Best Predator Call SS or your Best Predator Call Original. Being a quieter call, it is really effective of quiet nights, or when doing close up work.

We’ve had a great deal of success with this call on inquisitive young cubs who just don’t seem to be able to resist it.

A simple, effective and devastating product…

The Faulhaber Hen Call Predator Call has many benefits, including:

  • Simple design
  • Light, easy to carry and simple to use
  • High frequency, realistic sound
  • Reproduces the soft squeals / shrieks of a distressed small rodent
  • Completely weatherproof, hardwearing and tough
  • Simple in design which means no dead batteries or broken switches
  • Deadly effective


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