Mjoelner Hunting Quad Sticks



Brand New from Mjoelner Hunting!

We guarantee you’ll be amazed at just how steady these sticks are – seriously…
You will NOT be disappointed and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

NOTE: These Quad Sticks will be shipped by courier from our UK headquarters

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The Mjoelner Hunting Quad Shooting Sticks are brand new to the market and in our opinion are the best value Quads out there…

Providing a rock-solid shooting platform with a huge variety of possibilities regardless of the terrain and shooting positions.

The Mjoelner Hunting Quad Sticks can be used standing, kneeling or sitting, thanks to the cleverly designed “cam” system – meaning the cradles will always remain solid regardless of what height you’re shooting at.

Ergonomic Contoured silicone handgrips provide a nonslip comfortable hold and also prevent any “clatter” from the legs when stalking.

Silicon covers on the cradles provide a secure and silent support for your rifle.

Silicone gun straps secures your gun in waiting situations and makes target switching fast and easy. Combined with the paracord foot strap, hands free operation is possible allowing you to stand and wait and have both hands free for calling / scanning with thermal or binos.

Material: Aluminum legs, Silicone Grip and Gun rest.
Colours: Black
Size: 156–180cm


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